Atviras Kodas

Kas yra atviras kodas?

Atvirasis kodas pagrinde reiškia priėjimą prie išeitinio kodo . Atviro kodo autorius turi leisti programinės įrangos platinimą – atsisiunčiant internetu nemokamai.

Apačioje suvedem keleta pavyzdziu:    (atnaujinta prieš 3 val.)     (atnaujinta prieš -1 val.)
Putty                (atnaujjinama kasdien)

In case you want to submit code, work, or want us to publish your bookkeeping services Brisbane Project (it is required that you publish your Project incl. all source code under the GNU Public Lisence (or a like Public Lisence). Even so it is intended to be a Lithuanian Project, this offer isn't limited to Projects from Lithuania. Because our resources are limited, we will prefear Projects from the Baltic States, in those cases where we reach the limits of our resources.
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